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My Approach to Industrial Photography


My eye protection is on, the factory is in motion and my camera is focused on the diamond steel blade router spinning at 10,000 rpm. I kneel down on one knee and raise my elbow to prepare for the perfect shot as the shards of steel thrash out from the machine that sounds like a screeching tiger in my ear. It’s just another day at the office as an industrial photographer.

There are so many facets of photography and people always wonder what photographers specialize in. I’ve perfected the lighting in fashion photography, captured the excitement of a moment as a photojournalist and  have produced many portraits, but my lens is clearly focused on the industrial and agriculture scene. When someone asks me what my specialty is, I simply reply, “capturing everyday life and communicating the ways in which society sustains itself”. Pictures are snapped in seconds but creating powerful industrial images requires fine tuning and practice.

It’s important for me to scout out the location and have a preproduction meeting before I dive into a project. This allows me to plan out the shots I want and makes the overall experience run smooth. I also like to start out shooting the large picture of what the client wants then focus in on the smaller details. My goal is to create a connection between the photographs I take and it’s easier to do that when I expose myself to a project scene or set location for a long time. I can mentally piece the images together then capture them. It’s not a coincidence that I now find myself on manufacturing locations, construction sites and industrial settings with a camera in my hand.

I received my first camera when I was 9 and I participated in a 4H photography project shortly after. As a child, I spent a lot of time on work sites with my father and was exposed to the inner workings of grain elevators and foundries. Industrial photography is a great outlet to showcase my expertise of the technical side of business development because I have a thorough understanding of the inner workings of a business. Whether your company is seeking marketing material, executive portraiture or getting ready to release an annual report, I can capture and provide photographs that represent your company and make a statement.

In September I am attending the International Mining Expo to learn more about the mining industry. I want to reach out to people I can collaborate with and start exploring the different businesses and organizations I can shoot for. I’m in this business to help connect people around the country and to contribute to the advancement of newer technologies and industrial manufacturing.


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